Fort Morgan is the home of a top-notch aerial firefighting company, CO Fire Aviation, and its massive AT-802F tanker aircraft. But that plane will spend 75-day stretches of the next 10 years in Oregon, since CO Fire Aviation scored an exclusive-use aerial firefighting contract with the Oregon Department of Forestry.
2016 FM Article
Last week firefighting aircraft took to the skies just outside of Fort Morgan Colorado.  The five pilots and two aircraft were participating in the annual aerial firefighting training hosted by CO Fire Aviation, just in time for the busy summer wildfire season.  The training was conducted by Mark Bickham, of Salvo, L.L.C., a consultant who is one of the nation’s top consultants in Fire Aviation Studies and Advisory Services.
2016 Ag Air Update Article
A single-engine air tanker takes off from Fremonth County Airport Tuesday. It was one of four small planes making retardant drops on the Junkins Fire.
2016 Pueblo
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