Mission Statement

It is CO Fire Aviation’s purpose to always provide our customers with the most effective, efficient, professional, and safe aerial firefighting service possible.
As a State of Colorado Company engaged in wild land fire suppression operations, we are challenged with working in high-risk and dynamic environments that are not always predictable. It is the responsibility of each employee, cooperator and contractor to conduct aviation operations that have been planned properly, approved by management, that utilize the correct equipment and personnel, and are carefully executed per company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to minimize risk. Safety is CO Fire Aviation’s first priority, and CO Fire Aviation’s corporate leadership will always foster a culture that encourages employees to communicate unsafe conditions, policies or acts that could lead to accidents without fear of reprisal. All CO Fire Aviation’s employees will embrace the four components of a Safety Management System (SMS) which are identified as policy, risk management, assurance, and promotion, are critical to the success of safe operations.

Each CO Fire Aviation unit will staff all exclusive use, as well as, all Call When Needed/ On Call contracted aircraft, assigned to any suppression missions, with fully trained and experienced personnel throughout the entire contract period. Additionally, CO Fire Aviation will ensure that any required support functions such as air tanker base reloading support, and fueling operations will be filled with trained and experienced personnel.